Brawlerz Nitro For Playstation 4 & Steam, by Bail Enemy Jet

For those wondering where we’ve been, we’ve been on an epic journey.

Brawlerz has been re-written from scratch to properly support split-screen multiplayer as well as networked multiplayer. The graphics have been rebuilt to better support Unity 5’s feature set, and the game has undergone a rework to better utilize Playstation 4 hardware.

We’ll be dropping some more information in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Lava Map Updates

Lava Map - Brawlerz Nitro Moba Vehicle CombatThe original Lava level, featured in a few of the earlier screenshots, has been rebuilt to take better advantage of the new lighting and post effects in the game,  and also slightly redesigned to be more symmetrical for the more aggressive game modes (Soccer, Capture the Flag).

This is an unlit, work in progress, shot from the game. New shots to come soon!


Soccer Mode

Brawlerz Nitro Soccer Gameplay Mode

We’ve begun Soccer mode implementation! We’re hoping to provide a new gameplay video soon, including a sneak peak at the new Lava level and the Boomer in action.

Network Overhaul & Lighting Upgrade

What a busy month it has been! The entire backend of Brawlerz has been rebuilt for better latency, faster matchmaking and height-agnostic collision. Along with these upgrades have come the transition to HDR lighting.

We’ve made the decision that more contrasty tracks look cool – but they’re hard to make ‘pop’ with gamma based lighting. So we’ve moved over to full HDR rendering, lighting and revised how our shaders work.

While this is only a work in progress, it’s coming along quite well. Our next update will be the Soccer and CTF mode implementation!

Brawlerz Nitro HDR Lighting

Alpha Builds & Playtesting

Multiplayer Pickups in Brawlerz NitroSo we’ve ramped up testing to a small group of alpha players, and testing cross platform play. Some things we’ve found along the way is that pickups are critical to early-game success. As the players level up, the relevance of the pickups becomes less, but is never totally removed.

What was most interesting, was just how much adding a temporary speed boost changed gameplay. Players suddenly started rushing for the speed boost, whereas the heavier vehicle players seemed to go more for the damage multipiers.

The AI players are still coping, but new gameplay changes have left them unaware of basic tricks to greatly improve their evasion and killing abilities. We’ll be making changes to the AI shortly!

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