Month: August 2014

Steam Greenlight

We’ve assembled our screenshots, video and descriptions for the Greenlight page. It’s surprisingly more work than you’d think!

Brawlerz Nitro on Steam GreenlightIf you’ve got feedback to give, Steam is the place to give it!

Check out the Greenlight page here!

After a long week, we managed to squeeze out a teaser video for Steam’s Greenlight page! It features some small snippets of the alpha build in gameplay. We’ll be trying our best to get out more gameplay videos soon.


Brawlerz Nitro Announced!

We’re super excited to announce Brawlerz Nitro! Cross-platform vehicular mayhem! We’ll be getting it up on Steam’s Greenlight next week while we organise a teaser video. We’ll be announcing more soon.

Brawlerz Nitro Official Website

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