Month: September 2014

Omnidirectional Weapons

Brawlerz Nitro Omnidirectional Shooting

After Brawlerz Nitro had its first public outing, there was overwhelming feedback for omnidirectional aiming, especially since we had rolled out the demo to work with console controller.

This has drastically changed the effectiveness of certain weapons, and multiplayer balancing is next on our (absolutely endless) task list!


It’s always an awesome day when you get a delivery of swag! Can never have too many of these 🙂

Brawlerz Nitro Mug

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!

Brawlerz Nitro at IDGAMWhat a night! A great turnout for IDGAM and a pile of feedback that we’re taking on board! Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Both PC & Mobile builds were on display, and even though cross platform multiplayer between all platforms is implemented, we ran out of time to adequately organise a network. Next time!

Brawlerz Visits Melbourne

Brawlerz at IDGAM MelbourneBrawlerz Nitro is visiting Melbourne! IDGA Melbourne is hosting a Pints & Playtesting meet up for independent developers in the area, so it makes sense for us to pay a visit this Tuesday night!

So come down, get your drink on and get your hands on a playable demo of Brawlerz Nitro!


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