Month: December 2014

Multiplayer Spectating, Global Ranking

Brawlerz Nitro Screenshot

As we continue to add additional maps and features to Brawlerz Nitro, we have begun the serious discussion about how to build an online community. Moving forward, we’re investigating spectator modes for multiplayer games and even looking into global rankings. At this point, we feel a relatively simple ranking system for players that tracks their kill ratios and total games would be beneficial for better matchmaking.

These new features may not make it into the first release, but the infrastructure for them has begun.

We’ve also recently implemented an in-game announcer, new weapons for the Boomer (Railgun & Tomahawk Missiles) and some AI upgrades. Expect a new video soon!

Team Arenas

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the Capture the Fag & Team Deathmatch maps. More screenshots of new maps, vehicles and weapons to come soon!Brawlerz Screenshot

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