Month: January 2017

Meet the Crew

Brawlerz Nitro by Bail Enemy Jet

This is the launch lineup of vehicles, all with unique weapons, handling and goodies. Meet the Flamer, Buggy & Boomer.

We’re hoping to roll off at launch with customisable┬áskins, wheels and flags – and we also have other vehicles in the pipeline. For the many of you who’ve been complaining about lack of updates here, please check back with our twitter, it’s updated a lot more often than here.

Hoping to post some new vids soon!

Nintendo Switch!

We’re presently looking into Nintendo Switch support! We’re long time fans of everything Nintendo has done, and look forward to putting Brawlerz onto something as powerful as the Switch. Here’s a mockup we did (because we’re an excitable bunch).

Brawlerz Nitro on Nintendo Switch

Please note – right now we’re not supporting Switch, but we’d love to!

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