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Monster Update Coming Soon

Brawlerz Nitro Monster Truck

We’re beginning work on balancing and tuning of the Monster truck! We’re still finalising the weapon loadout, but we’re aiming to make this big-wheeled character capable of ramming opponents, which is a mechanic we tried in the pre-alpha days and had some balancing issues – that we’ve since solved!

More updates coming soon..

Healer Update Goes Live!

Healing Shield from Brawlerz Nitro - Vehicle Moba

A big cleanup update with some new gameplay features is upon us! We’ve disliked that even though there’s three unique cars right now, gameplay between them all has been quite similar. So, we’ve addressed that 🙂

The Boomer’s secondary Mine has been replaced with a healing shield. It doesn’t block any ballistics, but it heals any vehicle of the same team within its radius. Levelling up your secondary will increase the damage it repairs and its longevity.

The AI has also been taught to camp, since Boomer’s are not fantastic as fast scouting vehicles (they’re heavy, they turn slow, they’re slow, their weapons do not fire quickly), Boomer’s will now set up in choice camping positions to protect the flag & goals.

Additional Changes

  • Audio rebalancing and additional rocket effects.
  • Secondary weapon reloading & respawning prompts (UI)
  • Default respawn time in now 10 seconds
  • Quick Play will now attempt to join an existing game first (this is instant)
  • Warmup time defaults to 15 seconds for Quick Play
  • All game modes are now available from Quick Play
  • Additional sfx for Grenade
  • AI attempts to engage from further away to avoid as much rough’n’tumble
  • Boomer’s steering has been tightened up

Bug Fixes

  • Split-screen team selection is now chooseable via button (bugfix, used to require mouse for all players)
  • Fix for weapon mounts on vehicles
  • Friendly fire from rockets & grenades fixed
  • Rocket will no longer injure the player who fired it
  • Fix for an unlockable item not working
  • Fixed damage readouts starting in centre of level for 1 frame
  • XP no longer acumulates when dead

Boomer’s Grenade Launcher Update

It’s patch day! Build 81 pops out with fixes to split screen UI issues, audio fixes (and updates), weapon tweaks and of course, a new weapon for the heavy Boomer!

Both the Boomer weapons have a slow rate of fire, making them harder to aim – but the payoff is massive damage. While the Boomer isn’t very fast, it is an excellent defensive vehicle, and with sufficient upgrades it can be used as an assault vehicle.

Next on the Boomer shopping list will be it’s unique secondary fire mode, we’ll keep you up to date on that soon!

Nitrous Boosting Added

We’ve added boosting! This is a 1.5 second boost in speed that can be used for quick getaways, dashing and most importantly, punting the ball. When you hit the ball while boosting, the ball is fired at a flatter and straight trajectory. It still requires a bit of practice, but you can now fire the ball straight, or bounce it over everyone’s heads.

We’re still tweaking the specifics on the ball punting. In Unreal Tournament, you had a gun to fire the ball in the direction you wanted. In Rocket League, the camera angle and the square colliders allow you really predict (fairly closely) the direction your ball is going to travel.

All vehicles in Brawlerz are armed to the teeth, so unlike RL where the ball is more or less your sole focus, survival is important in Brawlerz, especially against human players who don’t want you touching the ball – ever.

As always, give the new changes a spin and let us know your thoughts on the forums.

Build 76, Flamer Updates & More

Vehicle esport moba Brawlerz Nitro

The Flamer update has gone live, along with a round timer and a handful of fixes.

Coming up over the next week will be unlocking wheels and we’re experimenting with a new boost mode, not only to add a bit more speed to the game, but also to help punt the soccer ball more reliably.

We’re hoping to tighten up on-goal shots a bit more, plus we think the speed variation will give users a bit more gameplay freedom that they presently don’t have without hogging the speed pickup areas.

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