We’ve added boosting! ThisĀ is a 1.5 second boost in speed that can be used for quick getaways, dashing and most importantly, punting the ball. When you hit the ball while boosting, the ball is fired at a flatter and straight trajectory. It still requires a bit of practice, but you can now fire the ball straight, or bounce it over everyone’s heads.

We’re still tweaking the specifics on the ball punting. In Unreal Tournament, you had a gun to fire the ball in the direction you wanted. In Rocket League, the camera angle and the square colliders allow you really predict (fairly closely) the direction your ball is going to travel.

All vehicles in Brawlerz are armed to the teeth, so unlike RL where the ball is more or less your sole focus, survival isĀ important in Brawlerz, especially against human players who don’t want you touching the ball – ever.

As always, give the new changes a spin and let us know your thoughts on the forums.