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2.5 years is a long time..

Brawlerz Nitro Whitebox Art (Vehicle MOBA for Windows, Linux and OSX)

We knew in early in 2014 that we’d want Capture the Flag and soccer modes, and although this level was completed some time ago, it’s still undergoing nearly daily tweaks in the lead up to release. The whitebox on the right dates to early September, 2014.

Although the exterior structure did not change much, the level went through a lot of revision in regards to slope & ramp angles, placement of signs for player funneling, etc.

OSX & Linux Support

Just wanted the handful of Linux & OSX gamers out there that after a few months of quietly slipping by the wayside, OSX & Linux builds are now part of the automatic build queue and updated in-sync with the Windows platform. We’ve also managed to get controller support for those platforms too.

We’ve got a handful of linux guys on the QA list who are doing testing of every build to make sure it functions, and we’re testing functionality on OSX per build too. We’re hoping to open up the Steam forums in the coming month, and once we’ve hit Early Access we’d love any feedback we can get from the Linux/OSX community, we really want a solid experience across all platforms.

Controllers & Menu Updates

Brawlerz Nitro Main Menu - Multiplayer vehicle sport

We’ve just added full remappable support for Xbox 360/Xbone & Playstation 4 controllers (as well as anything else you can plug in). This support extends to all four players. The main menu has been updated to fully support controller-only play, because we found in testing that when it came to getting off the couch to use a mouse, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.

Audio settings are in, although they’re fairly basic. You can at least set up surround sound, disable ingame announcements and music.

More to come!


Car Soccer Game - With Multiball

Yeah so, we found out this is kinda fun. It’s probably going to be a thing.

New Multiplayer Lobby Underway

Brawlerz Nitro Lobby, Moba for Playstation, XBone & Steam

So it’s inherently tricky to decide on how to best implement multiplayer match facilitation on an indie game (and have it usable on both controllers & mouse). We’ve decided to go for a simple system for now, which simply shows how many games of which game mode are active. If there’s nothing available, create a game or just hit Quick Play, and it’ll ‘just deal with it’.

After looking at how a lot of other games build their lobbies and have players join, we decided that due to the ‘indie’ nature of the game, it would be unwise to lock access to games in progress like other games do. For games like Dota, Overwatch, etc, there’s no shortage of players to fill those slots, but for us, limiting the ability to join a game at a particular time is going to make it look deserted, and nobody likes a deserted game.

There’s still a warmup period, and we will definitely consider adding a ‘close after warmup’ option. For now, we’ll gauge your feedback once the Early Access mode hits and take it from there!

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