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Flamer Updates

The Flamer is proving to be difficult for users to use because it’s the only vehicle with forward-firing-only weapons. So it’s time to address this with a rebalance!
The Flamer is being repurposed as an area affect machine with both of its weapons, and a fully upgraded Missile Pod is now a formidable suppressive force. Patch will go up tomorrow with some other fixes and changes to gameplay.

As always, if you have any feedback about the game – please hit up the forums!

Brawlerz Release & Updates

We’re live on Early Access and the first patch with some day one issues has rolled out. We’ve got some balancing changes coming soon, and some new features and new weapons!

If you have bought the game, or you’re interesting in keeping up with development and letting us what you think, please use the Steam forums – we’re on there basically every minute of every day. We’re open to feedback, criticism and memes.

We’re also keeping patch logs to Steam to avoid cluttering up this website!


Ready for Steam!

Only a few more days left until we drop the Early Access version of Brawlerz! There’s a big pile of things on the todo list, and we’re pushing through it now 🙂

If you’d like to discuss upcoming features, or gameplay, or even bugs you find, please head over to the Steam forums – we’re trying to keep all of our users in one place so we can keep in touch with the community easier.

Early Access trailer is here!

We’ve finished the trailer for Early Access, which we’re tentatively hoping is ready for next week or so. Check it out!

Split-screen UI

Split-screen gaming with Brawlerz Nitro

It’s not a big part of the game, it’s not really even a very exciting feature, but our memories of old times really make us want the split screen thing to at least be possible. We’ve just finished up UI modification to handle it (showing up to 4 user interfaces that all scale dynamically is a bit of a pain).

If you’re wondering why both players have the same name, no, it’s not a fake shot, it’s because two local players were spawned in-editor so they just use the Steam username by default 🙂

Recently, Unity opened up multi-monitor display support, which previously had been locked behind a custom license. Brawlerz is pretty efficient, even visually, so it’s not out of the question to consider eight players over two displays… We’ll see how well received split-screen is before we take the plunge, though.

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