Split-screen gaming with Brawlerz Nitro

It’s not a big part of the game, it’s not really even a very exciting feature, but our memories of old times really make us want the split screen thing to at least be possible. We’ve just finished up UI modification to handle it (showing up to 4 user interfaces that all scale dynamically is a bit of a pain).

If you’re wondering why both players have the same name, no, it’s not a fake shot, it’s because two local players were spawned in-editor so they just use the Steam username by default 🙂

Recently, Unity opened up multi-monitor display support, which previously had been locked behind a custom license. Brawlerz is pretty efficient, even visually, so it’s not out of the question to consider eight players over two displays… We’ll see how well received split-screen is before we take the plunge, though.